Inclusion officer (m/f)

The Vocational aptitude diploma for inclusion officer (DAP Inclusion) prepares students to work with children with special needs in formal and non-formal education.


Places of work

  • education and care establishments for children (maisons relais, parental assistants, day centres or school hostels, crèches, mini-crèches);
  • primary schools (A-EBS);
  • secondary education (Service socio-éducatif, SePAS, ESEB);
  • competence centres for specialised psychopedagogy.


  • support children and young people with special needs so that they can participate in everyday life wherever they wish;
  • work in multidisciplinary teams.


The course lasts three years. The first year is full-time in secondary school, with two four-week placements. The second and third years run concurrently, under an apprenticeship contract, with two days a week in secondary school and three at the training company.

The DAP Inclusion is offered in French and German at the following lycées:

  • Lycée du Nord Wiltz;
  • Lycée Bel-Val;
  • Bouneweger Lycée Luxembourg;
  • École privée Sainte-Anne.

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