Adult education

Et ass ni ze fréi oder ze spéit fir ze léieren. Education has no age limit.

There is no age limit for education and training. It helps us make the transitions between student life and professional life, between family life and professional life, between professional life and retirement. It helps us to better understand each other, live in a community and become active citizens. It increases our confidence, makes us stronger, brings us together and opens new personal and professional perspectives.

Every year the ministry tries to offer a very large choice of quality training programmes for adults. They are available in different languages and different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) to make life-long learning available to everybody.

The Department of Adult Education (Service de la Formation des Adultes) offers and coordinates three types of training:

  • the back to education options (2e voie de qualification) which grants access to official diplomas and training programmes to adult learners and early school-leavers ;
  • basic education to improve writing, reading and numeracy skills  ; 
  • general and citizenship training for adults.


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