Secondary education

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg secondary education is provided by state schools (mostly high schools - « lycées »), private schools teaching the official curriculum of the ministry, private schools teaching a different curriculum, and European schools.

Public high schools are open to adolescents having reached the age of 12. Schooling is mandatory until the age of 16. A full high school cycle, without repeating a class, lasts seven years.

Public education is subdivided into:

  • Classical secondary education (ESC)
  • General secondary education (ESG)
  • European education
  • International English curriculum (Cambridge)
  • British education
  • German-Luxembourgish education

A high school reform was voted in July 2017 and had become necessary because of the social, linguistic and technological changes in society. The objective is to give every student a chance to reach the highest possible qualification based on the student’s capacities and interests, independently of his/her origin.


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