Speech and language therapist (m/f)

A speech and language therapist treats all speech, voice and oral and written language disorders, regardless of their origin, in children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. This type of therapist has responsibility for the prevention, evaluation, treatment and scientific study of human communication disorders and associated disorders. Within this context, communication encompasses all of the functions associated with comprehension and the expression of oral and written language as well as all appropriate forms of non-verbal communication.


Places of work

  • primary education (ESEB);
  • secondary education (Service socio-éducatif, SePAS, supporting teams for children with special needs);
  • Centre psychosocial et d'accompagnement scolaires (CePAS);
  • education and care establishments for children (maisons relais, parental assistants, day centres or school hostels, crèches, mini-crèches);
  • youth centres, socio-familiar and educational boarding schools;
  • competence centres for specialised psycho-pedagogy.


  • preventing developmental delays, deficiencies or secondary disorders wherever possible;
  • training and information for health, education and sanitary staff;
  • early detection of language disorders in children;
  • stimulating and supporting the overall development of pupils' skills;
  • stimulating and supporting pupils' cognitive, language, sensory and/or socio-affective development supporting the development of a positive self-image in pupils, to enable them to interact appropriately with their social environment.


  • bachelor's degree in speech therapy ;
  • higher education qualification equivalent to a bachelor's degree;
  • certificat de capacité d'orthophoniste (master's degree, France).

More information about higher education in Luxembourg and abroad on mengstudien.lu, a web portal of the Ministry for Research and Higher Education (MESR).


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