Organisation and governance

In Luxembourg, decisions regarding education are essentially taken at national level by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth (with the exception of higher education for which the Ministry of Research and Higher Education is competent.

Hence, the general objectives of public education, the curricula, certificates and diplomas, access to studies, the status and administration of school staff are subject to a centralised management.

In elementary education, schools are organised (distribution of pupils in the classes, schedule, etc.) and managed at local level, i.e. by the municipalities.  The municipalities are also involved in monitoring the actions and results of the schools. They are funding the building and the equipment of elementary schools. Teachers are appointed by the State and allocated to the municipalities; they are paid by the State.

In classical secondary education and general secondary education, the local level (municipalities) are not involved in the administration of schools. The reporting line goes directly from the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth to the high school management. Teachers are appointed and paid by the State.


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