Steering and monitoring

The monitoring implemented by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth and coordinated by the division of data processing on the quality of education and education offer of the includes a set of national and international tests.

The objective of this monitoring is, through these tests, to assess the achievements of students in different areas of competence and at key moments in their education. It covers primary education as well as the lower cycle of classical secondary education and general secondary education.

The test results are therefore a picture, at a given time, of the skills acquired by students in different subjects, unlike the exams that reflect the progress of students as they continue their education.

The implementation of this monitoring is based on several successive stages:

  1. designing tests;
  2. taking tests;
  3. correcting tests and processing the results;
  4. feedback to teachers; and
  5. the use of the tests and their results.

Tests and their results are used at different levels:

  • at the level of the education system, to define education policies;
  • at level of the school, to define school development options;
  • at the level of the class, in the pedagogic relationship;
  • at the individual level for the orientation or support of students.

Monitoring is carried out in close collaboration with schools, both in designing the tests and in their organisation.


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