Educator (m/f)

Educators work in the educational and social sector, their main asset being their versatility. The development of teacher training is closely linked to that of educational and social action in Luxembourg. As a result, the educator's field of activity has constantly expanded and now encompasses all forms of childcare and supervision, children's and teenagers' homes, youth centres, the disability sector and the elderly.


Places of work

  • education and care establishments for children (maisons relais, parental assistants, day centres or school hostels, crèches, mini-crèches);
  • youth centres;
  • competence centres for specialised psycho-pedagogy;
  • secondary education and international schools;
  • foster homes.


  • welcoming, supervising and supporting a group of children or young people;
  • supporting children in their development;
  • developing and implementing socio-educational projects;
  • proposing an carrying out educational and recreational activities.


Educator training (GED) (3 years) leading to the Diplôme d'État d'Éducateur awarded by the Lycée technique pour professions éducatives et sociales (LTPES).


#SiefEducatioun ! Däin Job fir d'Zukunft - De Bill, Educateur diplômé
#SiefEducatioun ! Däin Job fir d'Zukunft - De Patrick, Educateur diplômé & Chargé Maison relais

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The Maison de l'orientation is a government agency that brings together in one place public players active in the field of educational and vocational guidance. In its "guidance" area, citizens can take advantage of a first meeting without appointment and anonymously, all year round (also during school holidays).

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