Enrolling your child at school

Depending on their age, children newly arrived in the Grand Duchy attend a public school at either the primary level (enseignement fondamental), the secondary level, either classical or general (enseignement secondaire classique and enseignement secondaire général) or an international school. If the parents or guardian so wish, however, children may be enrolled at a private school.

Primary education

Enrolment and orientation of recently arrived children aged 4 to 11 are carried out through the Service de l’intégration et de l’accueil scolaires (SIA, School Integration and Welcoming Service):

  • children aged 4 and 5: cycle 1
  • children aged from 6 to 11: cycles 2 to 4

Several public international schools offer classes at the primary and sometimes at the nursery level.

Some private schools offer different schooling opportunities.

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Classical secondary education and general secondary education

Recently arrived youngsters aged 12 or more are enrolled at school and guided in their choices by the Service de l’intégration et de l’accueil scolaires (SIA, School Integration and Welcoming Service). In order to ascertain the suitable class and level of competencies of each child, the SIA assesses his/her school achievements and knowledge of languages.  The following documents are required when attending the initial appointment at the SIA:

  • identity papers or passport;
  • school reports for the previous two years;
  • whenever possible, a copy of the residence certificate (certificat de résidence – to be requested from the municipality) or an attestation of having applied for international protection.

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International schools

A policy aiming at the diversification of the schooling offer, to better respond to the diversity of the Luxembourg school population, provides for a rich educational landscape. Depending on their talents, needs and aspirations, pupils have access to classical, general, European, international, public or private secondary education.

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