School offer

In addition to elementary state schools, available options include a private elementary school providing the same curriculum as state schools, private elementary schools providing a different curriculum while being subsidised by the State, as well as private-initiative schools not benefiting from subsidies.

State school options

Luxembourg has 165 elementary state schools spread over the 100 municipalities of the country (as of 1 September 2023).

Some of these elementary state schools provide alternative pedagogical approaches.

This is the case for the following schools:

  • Eis Schoul, school with inclusive pedagogy in Luxembourg-Kirchberg,
  • Jean-Jaurès, continuous day school in Esch-sur-Alzette,
  • Geenzepark, continuous day school in Wiltz.

Six international state schools operate according to the curricula, promotion criteria and schedules of the European school system. They are open to all pupils without tuition fees. They offer five years of European primary education in a French, English or German-speaking section. Students can then pursue secondary education leading to the European baccalaureate (see also below).

These schools are:

The International School Michel Lucius provides English-speaking classes at the elementary school level.

Private and international school options

The private school Notre-Dame (Sainte-Sophie) provides classes with the same curriculum as state schools as well as classes (at the level of “Petite Section de maternelle” at CM2) teaching the official French curricula.

The following private elementary schools teach a different curriculum than the official one while being subsidised by the state:

The pre-school and primary classes of the two European schools in Luxembourg, European School Luxembourg 1 (ESL1) in Kirchberg and European School Luxembourg 2 (ESL2) in Mamer complete this offer.

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