Intercultural mediators

Parents, guardians, teachers and education professionals can request free help from an intercultural mediator. Mediators provide support to pupils and parents of newly arrived pupils in the following situations:

  • during the first meeting, they translate information about previous schooling in the country of origin;
  • they provide oral translations during parent/teacher meetings;
  • they provide occasional or regular assistance in class, etc.

In general, the intercultural mediators facilitate communication and mutual understanding between families, the pupil and the actors of the school.

All requests for intercultural mediation must be made online. Any request for intercultural mediation must be made with a minimum of seven working days before the requested date of the mediation service.

On the websiteédiateurs, you will find in particular:

  • a list of the 40 languages and linguistic varieties offered by intercultural mediators;
  • the link to the intercultural mediation application form (in French);
  • the link to the feedback form (optional).



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