Continuing vocational training

Continuing vocational training is a major challenge in a constantly changing professional world. In addition to initial training, it allows you to obtain a diploma, complete or perfect skills and knowledge, change career direction, progress in your profession, adapt to new technologies, etc.

It is more specifically aimed at:

  • persons who have not completed their studies or initial training;
  • holders of a technician’s diploma (DT), a vocational aptitude diploma (DAP) or a certificate of technical and vocational aptitude (CATP) who wish to prepare for a master craftsman’s diploma;
  • job seekers trying to increase their opportunities to (re)integrate into the job market;
  • holders of professional or technical qualifications who wish to supplement or adapt their skills to meet the requirements of their job, to increase their competitiveness, or make a shift in their professional career path, etc.


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