Basic and initial vocational training

Initial vocational training gives young people general, theoretical and practical training that enables them to gain a professional qualification that is evidenced by an official diploma or certificate.

In Luxembourg, initial vocational training takes place within the framework of secondary education. There are over 140 training courses available that focus on the professional world.

Initial vocational training is offered in public and private secondary schools.

Students may be guided towards vocational training at the end of the 5e class, i.e. the fourth year of general secondary school, on the advice of the class council (conseil de classe) and according to the student’s academic results and interests.

With the amended Law of 19 December 2008 reforming vocational training, vocational training underwent a profound reorganisation. In particular, this aimed to:

  • facilitate the integration of young people and adults into economic and social life by improving their qualifications;
  • facilitate access to lifelong learning;
  • reduce dropout rates and the number of young people leaving school without qualifications.


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