Individual training leave

Individual training leave is a special type of leave that is granted to allow applicants to:

  • attend training courses, and prepare for and sit exams; or
  • engage in any other activity undertaken as part of an eligible training course.

 The completion of the training course would allow these people to:

  • make a career change;
  • increase their competitiveness;
  • extend their knowledge.

Who is concerned

The following people who work in the private sector are eligible for individual training leave:

  • employees;
  • self-employed workers;
  • freelancers.

This leave is also available to people who are preparing for and taking part in a national or international championship or competition related to promoting vocational training, and is also available to one accompanying person per candidate. An accompanying person is someone who specialises in the professional field of the applicant who is taking part in the championship or competition. The accompanying person must be able to advise and supervise the applicant that he or she is supporting.

Eligible training

Eligible training may be provided in Luxembourg or abroad by:

  • professional chambers;
  • foundations, natural persons and private associations that are accredited by the Minister of Education, Children and Youth (MENEJ);
  • institutions that:
    • have been granted public or private school status, and are recognised by the public authorities;
    • issue certificates validated by the same authorities;
  • municipal authorities;
  • ministries, administrations and public establishments.

Individual training leave cannot be requested for training courses:

The course does not have to be directly related to the individual’s current professional position. It can take place during work hours, or on evenings or weekends.

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