National Centre for Continuous Vocational Training (CNFPC)

The Centre national de formation professionnelle continue (CNFPC) is an open training centre that is strongly anchored in the world of work thanks to the collaboration between employees, job seekers, the general public and young adults, strong links to experts and companies and collaboration with the Agence pour le développement de l’emploi (National Employment Agency) (ADEM). Based on their experience, qualified professional trainers teach the realities of working in their field and offer individual support.

Four training paths are offered at the CNFPC:

  • continuing vocational training: courses that enable employees and self-employed people to acquire, maintain or extend knowledge and to adapt to social and technological demands;
  • vocational retraining: courses for job seekers and people who wish to change their career path, in collaboration with the ADEM;
  • personal development courses: training courses aimed at adults who wish to enter into or perfect their skills in various fields;
  • academic offer: a course that is part of the formal education system, for young people (initial education) and adults (adult education).

The CNFPC has been active for almost 40 years and is a public body that comes under the Service de la formation professionnelle (Department of Vocational Training) of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth (MENJE).

The CNFPC is located on several different sites:

  • The Esch-sur-Alzette CNFPC Centre, with the following sites: Sommet, Belval, Terres Rouges and Strassen;
  • The Ettelbruck CNFPC Centre, with sites in Ettelbruck and Colmar-Berg.

With its broad range of facilities, the CNFPC specialises in the following areas:

  • essential skills (digital competences and soft skills) industry/automation/KNX;
  • silviculture and the environment;
  • welding; operating machinery safely.

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