National Observatory for Children, Youth and School Quality

The National Observatory for Children, Youth and School Quality (Observatoire national de l'enfance, de la jeunesse et de la qualité scolaire, OEJQS) has had the following tasks conferred on it:

  • analysing the situation of children and young people in Luxembourg, based on a global approach, centred on the child or the young person and based on the rights of the child;
  • evaluating the systems acting on them, primarily in the socio-educational field or other fields of childhood and youth;
  • systemically evaluating the quality of education provided in the education system in order to promote the development of school quality in Luxembourg.

The Observatory works completely independently in terms of its observation tools, findings and recommendations. The Minister decides annually, on the basis of a proposal from the Observatory, which areas are to be given priority.

Main tasks

In order to carry out these tasks, the Observatory:

  • collects and aggregates existing data on childhood and youth in Luxembourg;           
  • analyses the studies and results of national or regional evaluations relating to education and the situation of children, as well as international studies concerning the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
  • conducts, initiates, prepares or coordinates surveys, analyses and studies and delivers opinions on the various aspects of children and young people and school quality in Luxembourg;
  • analyses and evaluates the facts about the situation of children and young people in Luxembourg and the systems acting on them by positioning them in relation to national and international research, practice and policy relating thereto, and by putting in place national monitoring;
  • analyses the organisation and functioning of schools and their management and the services attached to the department of the Minister responsible for education;
  • meets with children and young people, parents, socio-educational professionals, the management of institutions, national representations of young people, parents, pupils, students and teachers, as well as representatives of municipalities and ministries, researchers, and professional chambers, depending on the priorities chosen.

Public reports

The Observatory annually produces a report of activities as well as thematic reports, of which every five years a national report on the school system and a national report on the development of the situation of children and young people in Luxembourg.

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