Courses and exams to obtain Luxembourg citizenship

Acquisition of Luxembourg citizenship is subject to the participation in the courses and the passing of the exams listed below.

People applying for citizenship must pass the Sproochentest (Luxembourgish language test) at the Institut national des langues Luxembourg (INLL). The Luxembourgish language courses organised by the INLL, the Department of Adult Education and its partners help candidates to prepare for the exam of A2 level for oral expression and B1 level for oral understanding.

Phone: (+352) 26 44 30 1

Individuals must also be holder of the certificate Vivre ensemble au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (Living together in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg). This certificate is issued by the Department of Adult Education after a 24-hours-course or the successful passing of an exam.

The courses and the exam in the languages Luxembourgish/German, French or English cover the following subjects:

  • Fundamental rights of citizens (6 hours - 10 questions);
  • State and municipal institutions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (12 hours - 20 questions);
  • The history of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and European integration (6 hours - 10 questions).

The exam is a test taken on the computer with multiple choice questions and is organised in the City of Luxembourg while courses are available in the City of Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette and Diekirch.

Individuals residing in Luxembourg for more than 20 years are exempted from the Sproochentest and of the courses or the exam Vivre ensemble au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (article 28 de la loi du 8 mars 2017 sur la nationalite luxembourgeoise/article 28 of the law of 8 march 2017 on luxembourg citizenship).

Validation procedure for certificates

The following documents must be submitted by the applicant and sent in the same envelope to the Service de la formation des adultes (Department of Adult Education):

  • the original certificate of the course;
  • a pre-stamped envelope with the address of the applicant to return the validated certificate.

The envelope must be sent to the following address:

Service de la formation des adultes
15, rue Léon Hengen
L-1745 Luxembourg-Kirchberg

The certificate will be returned with a seal certifying the participation in a Luxembourgish language course meeting the conditions of article 28 of the Law of 8 March 2017 on Luxembourg citizenship.

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