Addressing child poverty risk

In Luxembourg, as in the other countries of the European Union, children are more at risk of poverty than adults. "This risk is not only a denial of children's fundamental rights, but it also undermines the future well-being of European societies, as children growing up in poverty will be less likely to reach their full potential. As they grow up, they will be more exposed to the risks of illness, unemployment and low income. Most Member States have given high priority to child poverty issues in their national action plans on social inclusion." (Council of Europe)

The new EU strategy on the rights of the child and the European guarantee for children are major policy initiatives proposed by the European Commission to better protect children, help them fulfil their rights and place them at the centre of EU policy-making. Both initiatives are the result of extensive consultation with citizens, stakeholders and, above all, more than 10,000 children.

Under the initiative of the European Parliament following the commitments made to reduce child poverty and inequality, the Children's Guarantee project pursues the objective of ensuring that every child has access to 5 essential services :

  • free education ;
  • free health ;
  • proper nutrition ;
  • decent housing ;
  • care service for the youngest.

The recommendation provides guidance to Member States on integrated strategies to combat child poverty and promote the well-being of children. It goes beyond social assistance and labour market policies to promote access to quality services and the active participation of children. It also underlines the importance of an EU cohesion policy in mobilising reforms.

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