School offer

Vocational training available at the level of public and private general secondary education covers about 120 training programmes.

These programmes lead to three qualifications:

  • the vocational capacity certificate (CCP - Certificat de capacité professionnelle) normal duration : 3 years ;
  • the vocational aptitude diploma (DAP - Diplôme d’Aptitude Professionnelle), normal duration : 3 years ;
  • the technician’s diploma (DT - Diplôme de technicien), normal duration : 4 years.

Students who don’t have the qualifications to access the CCP can attend the professional guidance and initiation courses (COIP - cours d’orientation et d’initiation professionnelles), organised by the CNFPC (CNFPC - Centres nationaux de formation professionnelle continue) or the lycées techniques (technical high schools).

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