A set of skills to be acquired by students during the training is defined for each curriculum with the aim to allow them exercising a trade or profession. These skills are transposed in different assessment references and programmes.

Training is subdivided into modules (and not into subjects). Each module aims at developing various skills and is based on specific professional situations. Students acquire theoretical knowledge and learn how to use this knowledge in practice.

There are three types of modules :

  • basic modules (modules fondamentaux)
    they are mandatory. Students who fail to pass these modules, must take them again in the next semester within the frame of compensation modules.
  • additional modules (modules complémentaires)
    They are also mandatory. Students who fail to pass these modules, can take them again at a later time during their training.
  • optional and preparatory modules (modules facultatifs et préparatoires)
    They broaden the scope of the training or prepare for higher studies, as the case may be.

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