Training for unemployed persons

Training for unemployed persons is organised in close collaboration with the Employment Agency (ADEM - Administration pour le développement de l’emploi) and the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth.

There are two types of training for unemployed people.



Training for job seekers that aim to increase their chances to find a new employment

This training generally covers one year and is available for persons, mostly young people, who experience difficulties to enter the job market. Courses are provided by the CNFPC (Centres de formation professionnelle continue) and provide guidance and initiation to various professional careers. Students benefit from socio-pedagogical support and work placements.

Training organised for a company or an economic sector for the purpose of a direct integration in the job market

This training is provided upon request of employers with a duration of about 6 weeks and  a work placement  period of three months. The beneficiary company commits to hire the students once they finished the training.

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