National Youth Service

The mission of the National Youth Service (SNJ - Service national de la jeunesse) is to contribute to the implementation of the youth policy and to form a support and resources centre for the youth sector.

It covers 4 fields of action:

1st Training and support for educational projects:

  • Training : social coordinators, school mediators, BEE SECURE
  • Support for activities and projects with young people:
    • Joint organisation of holiday and summer camps
    • Equipment lending
    • Rental of chalets and camp grounds
    • Special leave for leaders of youth activities
    • Network « Proufsäll »
    •  « GO » facility & « Project Squat »
    • Initiative BEE CREATIVE & Makerspace « Base 1 »

2nd Management of 3 thematic educational centres:

  • education for sustainable development (Hollenfels)
  • sports discovery (Lultzhausen)
  • well-being and media education (Marienthal)

3rd Support for young people during their transition to professional life :

  • 12 Antennes locales pour jeunes (ALJ) (Local youth antenna)
  • alternatives to inactivity : voluntary services and practical workshops
  • international mobility : voluntary service abroad, work-holiday visa, au pair services

4th Development of quality in the work with children and adolescents:

  • follow-up on the pedagogical quality with parental assistants, in the education and meeting facilities as well as in youth services (regional « youth » agents)
  • co-ordination of continuing  education (
  • publications for educational staff (teachers)
  • support and follow-up on innovative projects  

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