Youth Guarantee

The Youth Guarantee was implemented in Luxembourg in June 2014 upon a recommendation of the European Council of April 2013.

It requires from the Government to implement a series of measures to provide to every young person aged between 16 and 25 a job offer, additional training, vocational training or an internship within 4 months after leaving school or losing a job.

The Youth Guarantee is not an employment guarantee. It is based on the commitment of the relevant governmental services (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi - ADEM, National Youth Service (Service national de la jeunesse - SNJ), local youth offices, etc.) to provide quality guidance for young people to find a job, to re-enrol in a school or participate in a project such as the voluntary service (Service volontaire).

Young people are offered a personalised course of action based on their profile, personal situation and aspirations.

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