Youth participation

Youth policy is only possible in cooperation with young people themselves. For this reason discussions with young people and their active participation are encouraged at various levels.

At the national level, the two main structures are the Higher Council for Youth and the Youth Parliament both provided for in the Youth policy law. The Youth Parliament (YP) is a platform allowing young people aged between 14 and 24 living in Luxembourg to discuss and debate together topics that are of interest to them and that impact their daily lives. Thematic committees prepare opinions that are presented on an annual basis to the Chamber of Deputies.

At the school level, the tools promoting youth participation are the student committees and the National Students' council in Luxembourg (CNEL - Conférence nationale des élèves au Luxembourg). The CNEL is the national representation platform for students. It can submit opinions and proposals to the Minister in charge of education on all issues relating to the life of students and their work in secondary education.

At the municipal level, it is the objective of the municipal plans for youth to increase participation of young people. Youth centres play an important local role as they are very close to young people and can support their participation at the municipal level.

Regular discussions also take place within the frame of the structured dialogue. This is an instrument promoting political participation of young people in European and Luxembourg politics. It was implemented in Luxembourg in 2013 with the aim to enable young people to express their opinion on political decisions that are relevant for them and to allow Luxembourg political actors to acknowledge this opinion.

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