Higher Council for Youth

The Higher council for youth (Conseil supérieur de la jeunesse) is an advisory body with the mission of analysing issues relating to young people; it is a key interlocutor of the Government and the Youth Observatory (Observatoire de la jeunesse) of the University of Luxembourg.

Members are:

  • 8 representatives of youth organisations as defined in the amended Youth policy law of 4 July 2008;
  • 4 representatives of youth services as defined in the règlement grand-ducal du 28 janvier 1999 (grand ducal regulation of 28 January 1999) on the government approval to be granted to managers of youth services;
  • 4 representatives of organisations for the promotion of young people as defined in the amended Youth policy law of 4 July 2008 ;
  • 2 representatives of pupils  and students ;
  • 4 other representatives among which one representative of the sector of research on young people, a representative of the union of Luxembourg cities and municipalities, a representative of the National youth assembly  and a representative of the minister in charge of youth.

The Council may furthermore choose up to 3 members who are experts of the youth sector.

Members of the Council are appointed by the minister for a renewable term of 3 years.

The Higher council for youth can discuss any topic deemed useful by its members.

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