Help with homework for school children


As of the 2022-2023 school year, the childcare centre (maison relais), day-care centre (foyer scolaire) or parental assistant looking after your child will systematically organise a quality help-with-homework scheme for children in cycles 2 to 4 of primary school.

A suitable environment, a set time slot, a tool to connect with the teacher, definition of the role of the educational staff, parent information – all of these things come together to help your child to do their homework to the best of their ability.

By doing this, your child will consolidate what they have covered in class under good conditions and increase their chances of doing well at school. At the same time, you are relieved of a task that can weigh on your time and on family life.

How can you register your child for the help-with-homework scheme?

Help with homework is part of the services automatically provided to children in cycles 2 to 4 of primary school and who are registered with a childcare centre or looked after by a parental assistant. It is free of charge, as it counts as free care for children who attend school, during term time, from 7 a.m. to 7.00 p.m..

It is not necessary to register specifically for help for homework, but children must be registered at an education and childcare facility.

(However, before registering, please check that you have completed the procedure with the municipality in which you live to allow your child to benefit from the chèque-service accueil scheme.


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What is homework?

Homework is a task or tasks set by the teacher that the pupil must complete outside of school time. These tasks include repetition, correction or revision exercises on subjects covered in class, with the aim of consolidating what pupils have learned. The most important thing is that pupils will always be able to do their homework independently.

What is the E-Bichelchen?

The Ministry has set up the E-Bichelchen, which is a digital class diary, to facilitate communication between teachers, childcare staff and you, the parents. The teacher writes the homework in the diary. Childcare staff, parental assistants and parents can also access it. This allows them to supervise the pupil, who ticks off the tasks as they are completed.

What is help with homework?

The childcare worker or parental assistant helps your child to organise their work and understand what they have to do, and checks with them that the homework has been completed.

If your child has any problems, the childcare worker or parental assistant writes a comment in the E-Bichelchen, the digital class diary. The teacher and you, the parents, then receive a notification to that effect.

Training is offered to educational staff in collaboration with the Institut de formation de l'Éducation nationale, so that they can provide help with homework to the best of their ability.

Help with homework is not...

The childcare worker or parental assistant does not correct homework. If a child is having problems with the subject, it is up to the teacher to explain it to them again.

Help with homework has nothing to do with teaching support, which is organised at school.

How is help with homework organised?

The teacher will explain the homework to your child in class.

After school, at the childcare centre (maison relais) or at the parental assistant's, your child can settle down to do their homework in peace and quiet and in a suitable environment. A one-hour time slot is set aside for help with homework from Monday to Thursday, or even Friday, depending on the facility.

Your child can take part in other activities once they have finished their homework.

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