A large offer of facilities

Several types of childcare facilities exist in Luxembourg, welcoming children in their early childhood age to those aged up to 12. As parents, you can choose the type of facility to which you would like to entrust your child to, depending on the places available. However, certain facilities accept only children who reside in the municipality or who attend school in that municipality.

The vast majority of these facilities are subsidised by the State:

  • some are associations sans but lucratif (not-for-profit organisations) or facilities managed by municipalities;
  • others are private-law undertakings.

Collective childcare facilities are called services d'éducation et d'accueil (SEAs - education and childcare services) and may, as the case may be, operate as:

  • crèches (nurseries);
  • mini-crèches;
  • foyers de jour (day-care centres);
  • maisons relais (childcare centres);
  • foyers scolaires (school childcare centres of the City of Luxembourg).

Another type of care exists, namely assistants parentaux (APs) (parental assistants), who welcome children into their homes, during the daytime or overnight. They pursue this activity as independent operators. A parental assistant may take charge of no more than 5 children at any given time, apart from his/her own children. The Agence Dageselteren provides advice and information to parents who are looking for a parental assistant, and offers ongoing training for APs.

Each SEA or AP must hold an official accreditation issued by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth based on criteria of respectability, qualification of staff and infrastructures.

The SEA managers themselves define the criteria for admission, such as the municipality in which the child resides. Registration is done directly with the service concerned. For each child admitted, a contract is signed between the childcare service and the parents.

Choosing a childcare facility for your child

You will find below details of the various nurseries, childcare centres and parental assistants. The nurseries and childcare centres themselves fill in the fields entitled Description, Projet pédagogique (Educational aims), Activités(Activities) etc. accompanying their form :

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