Promotion of health and well-being

Promotion of health is not limited to the physical and mental health of students and teachers but encompasses a whole range of concepts, measures and activities that support the well-being of school actors and includes areas as varied as:

  • school climate and school culture;
  • emotional and sexual education;
  • nutrition and the promotion of physical activity;
  • prevention of drug addiction.

Through the pedagogic innovation division of the SCRIPT (Service de coordination de la recherche et de l'innovation pédagogiques et technologiques), the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth coordinates a range of school and extra-curricular activities: classroom interventions, projects, campaigns, national surveys, conferences, etc.

The CARAT school climate concept

School climate is the atmosphere in which students, teachers and educators evolve on a daily basis. It includes 5 dimensions, which are like the facets of a diamond :

  • Empowering individuals;
  • Ensuring cohesion in the school community ;
  • Organising space and time ;
  • Developing connections with the world outside school;
  • Developing teaching and learning activities.

These dimensions can be implemented through:

  • Health promotion ;
  • Media education ;
  • Cultural education ;
  • Citizenship education ;
  • Education for sustainable development ;
  • Management of heterogeneity.

The (CARAT) concept is currently being analysed more in detail by the division de innovation pédagogique (Innovative pedagogy division) with the aim to provide schools with a general framework to ensure well-being at school.

Examples of projects


In order to deal with the difficult and urgent « mobbing » cases between pupils in primary schools an intervention unit « stop-mobbing » was implemented in 2013 by the ministry. It intervenes upon request of the class teacher.

Violence prevention

Since the academic year 1999/2000, peer mediation, « Peer-Mediation im Schulalltag », provides means to deal with conflicts in high schools in a different way. This project is coordinated by the Ministry and the Service national de la jeunesse.

Prevention of addictions

To prevent addictions, numerous activities are conducted in primary schools as well as in high schools (ExtraTour Sucht-aktiv, Limitiert?!, ...auf Zack, DVD and pedagogic file in the context of the theatre play « Nach emmer allcool », etc.). Their aim is to :

  • Strengthen the personality of young people;
  • Provide them with information about psychoactive substances adapted to their age ;
  • Help them to differentiate between addiction and pleasure as well as between legal and illegal psychoactive substances.

Aids prevention

Information campaigns (educational material, theatre, etc.) are organised with the HIV Berodung service (advice centre) of the Luxembourg Red Cross and Doctors without Borders.

Emotional and sexual education

An inter-ministerial team (Ministry of Health; Ministry of Family and Integration; Ministry of Education, Children and Youth; Ministry of Equality between Women and Men) prepares, together with the Planning Familial (family planning) and the association 4motion asbl, a strategy for the promotion of emotional and sexual healt


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