Promotion of reading

Through the pedagogic innovation division of the SCRIPT (Service de coordination de la recherche et de l'innovation pédagogiques et technologiques), the minister warrants the coordination of school libraries in primary education and the Centres de documentation et d’information (CDI - documentation and information centres) in high schools.

This coordination ensures:

  • organisation of regular activities such as the Journées du livre et du droit (book and law days) and Virliesconcours (annual reading competition)
  • coordination of the project Sacs d'histoires (bag of stories)
  • collaboration with external partners
  • supervision of school libraries.

Actions in schools

For all students

 Two actions were implemented both for primary schools and high schools:

  • the Journées du livre et du droit d’auteur (book and law days) : they are co-organised since 2007 by the Ministry every year around April 23rd, the World Book Day. More and more schools are participating;
  • the Journée européenne des langues (European Day of Languages), coordinated by the European centre for modern languages. Proclaimed by the Council of Europe in 2001, this day celebrates linguistic diversity and promotes language learning across Europe. In Luxembourg this event is used to encourage reading.

In primary education

 Sacs d’histoires (bag of stories)

Sacs d’histoires is a project that was launched in 2009 in order to increase awareness for languages, the school-family partnership and the promotion of reading. It mainly targets pupils in cycles 1 and 2.

In this project, children take home a “bag of stories”, which is prepared in school.

The bag includes:

  • a book for children with a translation in the mother tongue of the child ;
  • a CD with the story of the book read in the languages that are mostly spoken in class and some words of explanation for the parents.

Information on the project and a luxembourgish film on the subject can be found here:

Virlies-Concours (annual reading competition)

Since 2006 the annual reading competition (Virlies-Concours) is organised for pupils in primary school of cycle 4. After the first stages of the competition at local and regional level, the finalists are invited to the grand national final where they read their text in front of a jury.

Resources for primary schools


Since May 2020 the ministry offers teachers of primary education access to ONILO via This portal for learning and promoting reading presents pop-up books for pupils in cycles 1-3 as well as differentiated educational resources in connection with the stories in the books. Animations are specially designed to promote the understanding of written and spoken language and aim at conveying the pleasure of reading books. Books can be read in class or alone at home.


On the portal for promoting reading pupils of primary school can take part in online reading quizzes. For each book the portal offers multiple choice questions about the content. The site offers a very wide selection of books in German as well as some books in French. It also includes news articles for children. 

Courrier de l’Éducation nationale

Since October 2012 a special section of the monthly publication  Courrier de l’Éducation nationale - Leseförderung - Schulbibliothek - Medienerziehung  - provides information on websites, specialised literature and events related to reading. A children’s book is also presented under the section Coup de cœur.

From December 2015 to December 2017, each month a selection of children's books and other resources on the subject of fleeing from a country, migration and living together was proposed in this section.

Lies a fléi - de Katalog

The catalogue, published on an annual basis, lists children's books published in Luxembourgish or, as part of multilingual books, including a Luxembourgish version.

Resources for secondary education

In July 2020 the ministry and the National Library of Luxembourg (Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg) launched the initiative read-y, a leisure library for students in secondary education, accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers. The aim of this offer is to nurture a taste for reading among young people.

Read-y offers secondary school students free access to more than 20,000 e-books, mainly in English, German and French. It is also accessible to their teachers, as well as to the principals and librarians of secondary schools.

In practical terms, read-y can be accessed either via the Sora reading app or via the website ; connection is provided over the IAM account.


The pedagogic innovation division collaborates with the following partners:

  • Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg (BnL) ;
  • Conseil supérieur des bibliothèques publiques ;
  • Zentrum fir politesch Bildung (ZpB).

Supervision of school libraries

Since 2009 legislation provides that each primary school offers a school library, managed by school teachers. The pedagogic innovation division advises and supervises activities proposed by teachers, procedures to manage libraries, exchanges of good practices, etc.

Useful Links

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