Education on media and through media

The mission of the school is to teach students a responsible use of media. To achieve this aim, through the pedagogic innovation division of the Service de coordination de la recherche et de l'innovation pédagogiques et technologiques – SCRIPT, the minister warrants:

  • the promotion of media education at every level of primary and secondary education;
  • the integration of media education in the various curricula and the definition of skills students must acquire at some key moment in their studies;
  • the integration of media education in the initial training of socio-education staff.
A reference framework

With a view of creating a general framework for media education, a reference document was prepared for Luxembourg schools: Medienerziehung und Medienbildung in der Schule (Media education at school). It covers the following topics:

  • the objectives of media education;
  • the world of media and the omnipresence of media;
  • the development of skills for responsible and critical communication, a major challenge for schools.
Some actions

Media days

In May 2012 the ministry organised its first media day, which addressed both primary school and high school teachers. It brought together some 100 people around the subject « Mit neuen Medien unterrichten » (Teaching with new media). The next media day was organised in autumn 2013 on the topic « Medien verstehen & gestalten » (Understanding and shaping media).

Press week

The press week is organised by the Conseil de Presse with the support of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. For a week, classes participating in this action dedicate one lesson a day to a specific topic related to the subject of the week. This education activity helps students understand how print media works and discover the different facets of journalism and information.

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