Education for sustainable development

Education for sustainable development (Éducation au développement durable - EDD) has become an indispensable mission of the school but also of extra-curricular structures.

It aims at raising the awareness of young people but also of adults for the complexity of the challenges faced by our society, to encourage them to change their behaviour and to act as responsible citizens for present and future generations.

It should allow students to understand the complexity of the world in its economic, ecologic and social dimensions, to promote participation in the democratic process and remain accessible for everybody throughout the whole life.

The issue is not to provide "additional" content but to integrate such content in an interdisciplinary way in schools and education.

Within the context of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005 - 2014)  proclaimed by the United Nations and the 2nd national plan for sustainable development, an interdepartmental committee has developed a national strategy for sustainable development education. It sets out guidelines and provides tools to integrate sustainable development at all levels of the education system.

The main tools of this strategy are:

  • a charter Éducation au développement durable (EDD), signed by NGOs active in the field of EDD ;
  • a list of actors of EDD and their education activities;
  • an EDD website (;
  • the integration of EDD in the initial training of teachers in primary school and in the continuing training of teaching and education staff;
  • the integration of sustainable development in the mini-enterprises of the students in secondary education and technical secondary education.

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