Cultural education

Our society needs culture to better open up to the world and understand its history as well as its diversity. This is also a fundamental need of every child who should be able to have access to culture and artistic creations, both as an audience member and as an actor. Cultural experiences and projects are essential for the development of their personality, their personal growth, their self-esteem while providing equal opportunities; they allow individual talents to unveil and nurture creativity.

The ministry encourages and actively supports cultural projects and initiatives of educational interest. Every year a cultural heritage week is organised in Luxembourg’s public schools. A wide range of projects and materials is developed by the Service de coordination de la recherche et de l'innovation pédagogiques et technologiques (SCRIPT) to promote education to and through culture among young people of all age groups.

In this context, several websites offer online material to support teachers:

  • provides access to a wide range of applications in the field of cultural education : for example Lucilin, which allows pupils in primary education to discover the history, politics and geography of Luxembourg in a playful way;
  • lists the initiatives organised during the cultural heritage week;
  • is a platform  which provides contact details of artists from all fields;
  • is dedicated to music in primary education;
  • is dedicated to theatre in primary education;
  • sheds light on different facets of Luxembourg's cultural history and is aimed at secondary education students. The content is based on a series of lectures organised by the University of Luxembourg;
  • includes a collection of texts from the monthly magazine forum that were adapted to be used in secondary classes.

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