Statistics and analysis

Having precise figures is essential both for political action and for the control of power by elected officials and citizens.

In a time of reform, statistics are even more at the heart of debates and choices. Change must be based on reliable data and statistics must be able to measure the effects of change.

The statistics and analysis department provides education staff and the general public with:

  • basic statistics, such as the number of students and teachers, diplomas and certifications issued, the evolution of nationalities, the first language spoken at home by students, school infrastructures, budget, etc. They are published on an annual basis (key figures, global statistics and analysis of school results, costs and financing of the Luxembourg education system, etc.)
  • specific thematic analyses, on an annual or ad hoc basis, such as school dropout, student transition after graduation, school success rate, etc..

It also conducts prospective surveys on the evolution of the school population and the needs for teaching staff.

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