Intercultural mediators

Parents, teachers and school authorities can ask for help, free of charge, from an intercultural mediator who speaks Albanian, Arabic, Creole (Cap Verde), Chinese, Italian, Persian (Farsi), Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian or Russian as well as the languages usually spoken in the Grand Duchy (other languages on request).

Mediators help pupils and parents of foreign pupils when they first arrive, translating information about the child’s previous schooling in his/her country of origin, provide written and verbal translations, and help occasionally or regularly in class (on request).

The intervention of an intercultural mediator can be requested using the online request form for an intercultural mediator.

For further information, please contact the service by telephone, fax or e-mail: tel.: (+352) 247-85909, fax: (+352) 247-85196, e-mail:

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