National observatory of school quality

The mission of the national observatory of school quality (Observatoire national de la qualité scolaire) is to evaluate and monitor the quality of education provided in the education system. It is an independent structure with an assessment role, providing an objective view of the education system.  The observatory systematically analyses the quality of the education system and the implementation of education policies. It does not assess the individual work of teachers but the organisation and functioning of schools, high schools and the departments of the ministry in charge of education.

Eight observers

The observatory is composed of eight observers from the public or the private sector. Their work is fully independent as far as their findings and recommendations are concerned.

To fulfil their missions the observers analyse the surveys and the results of national assessments as well as of international surveys regarding Luxembourg. The observatory may request the assistance of scientific experts, research institutions and universities: the University of Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Centre for Education Testing (LUCET), the SCRIPT (Service de coordination de la recherche et de l'innovation pédagogiques et technologiques). 

Meeting all the actors of the school system

As far as schools are concerned, the observers meet with directors, the school committee or the education board or other staff representation bodies as well as with other members of the school community. They agree with the director to be present during lessons or training situations to assess the pedagogical practice of the school.

The observers can also meet with the national representation bodies of parents, students, teachers and municipalities as well as of the professional chambers.

Public reports

The observatory submits an annual activity report and at least one thematic report on a priority field, as well as, a national report on the education system with its findings and recommendations every three years.

These reports are submitted to the Chambre of Deputies (Chambre des députés) and are published on the website of the ministry in charge of education.

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