Actions and awareness campaigns

To implement European and international campaigns and policies in the Grand Duchy and to raise national awareness, the Department for children's rights organises awareness campaigns and training days for the general public as well as for professionals.

Protecting children from violence on the Internet

Grooming is when an adult contacts a child, often online and under a false identity, for the purpose of sexually abusing this child or extorting money. Contact can be established over an extended period of time, so as to create a relationship of trust and facilitate the actual exploitation. The latter can take different forms: "real life" encounters for the purpose of sexual abuse; solicitation to send sexually explicit photos ; blackmail using these photos to obtain money or more sexual abuse material.

As part of the fight against sexual abuse and violence, the Ministry raises awareness among the general public and professionals (round table, training day, reference platform) on the dangers linked to the use of the Internet and in particular the phenomenon of grooming.

Below you will find information and good practice tips (in French and German) for parents and professionals in the education sector : 

Protection of children from corporal punishment

The Department for children's rights has launched a campaign to raise awareness on the negative effects of corporal punishment. A document offering alternatives to corporal punishment is currently developed with UNICEF. The goal is to provide parents with educational methods based on positive parenting.

Stop aux punitions corporelles ! Une conférence publique dans le cadre des 30 ans de la Convention des droits de l’enfant (FR)

Stop aux punitions corporelles ! (FR)

Stop aux punitions corporelles (vidéo) (FR)

Day for the promotion of children's rights

The Ministry organises awareness-raising activities for children and the general public (at the Parc merveilleux de Bettembourg). The purpose of this day is to familiarise children, families and anyone interested with the rights of the child, using various materials (Sentier des droits de l’enfant, movies, animations, activities, information stands, etc.).

Kannerrechtsfest 2021
Magic shows to raise awareness on children's rights

In collaboration with ECPAT Luxembourg, magic shows on children's rights are organised throughout the country. In this interactive programme, the artist draws the attention of young visitors on the rights of the child focussing on the difference between actions that are allowed and those that are not. Musical messages and magic tricks alternate with the projection of the video clip "Dem Vicky saï Geheimnis" to show children that their body belongs to them.

Elements of a corporate culture to protect children from sexual abuse in institutions

A training day "Eléments d’une culture d’entreprise qui protège les enfants contre l’abus sexuel dans le cadre professionnel" took place in 2019 at the Institut de formation de l’éducation nationale (IFEN). This training day was held by Prof. Dr. Martin Wazlawik, expert in educational sciences with the subject "Pädagogische Professionalität und sexuelle Gewalt: Prävention, Intervention, Kooperation" at the Universität Münster and by Barbara Klein, executive officer at Caritas Saarbrücken. It was aimed at teaching, educational and psycho-social staff and was recognised as a priority training.

In close collaboration between the SDE and ECPAT Luxembourg, the proposed protection mechanisms as well as observations and questions of the participants were compiled in a document and can be used to develop a systematic approach for the protection of minors against violence in care facilities.

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