School development

A school development plan for every school and every high school

As of the academic year 2017-2018, every school and every high school will prepare a plan de développement de l’établissement scolaire (PDS - school development plan) defining their approach in the fields that are essential for the success of their pupils and students. Six fields are provided for primary schools and seven for high schools. For each of these fields, national targets are defined in a reference framework. Schools and high schools are autonomous in choosing the practices best suited to the needs of their pupils and students.

A plan involving all the parties

The school development plan determines the collaboration of teachers and all parties involved in the education, including parents of students.

In order to prepare the PDS, schools begin by making an inventory of what exists and document the school offer, the traditions, the history of the school, its environment, the way it is integrated in the municipality, the composition of the student population …The goal is to detect the strengths and weaknesses of the school's organisation, to keep what works well and improve what could work better.

This inventory helps to set the priorities of the school, the objectives to be achieved and the strategies to be implemented. The law determines the essential areas to be included but each school is free to add further areas it considers to be indispensable.

Key persons to support the school development

To support primary schools 15 specialised teachers in school development (I-DS) are allocated to the Service de coordination de la recherche et de l’innovation pédagogiques et technologiques (SCRIPT).

They are directly in contact with the directors and their school committee. In compliance with the autonomy and local specificities, they support teams in the development and implementation of their PDS and in all initiatives aimed at the school development. This work is performed in a collaborative and regular manner with the directorate of the region and all other parties involved.

To support high schools 3 members of staff of the division du développement scolaire of the SCRIPT are appointed to support the school development team in preparing the PDS. Individual and adapted follow-up is available for every high school.

A comprehensive system for schools

The legal framework and the support offered to all schools are part of a comprehensive system that includes a website, forms to coordinate and monitor the PDS, assessment of the high school relationship (SCRIPT monitoring division), continuing training offered by the Institut de formation de l’Éducation nationale (IFEN),  activities by national networks and international organisations, organisation of collective meetings or research-actions.

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