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To increase your level of qualification, you may enrol in a back-to-education programme (2e voie de qualification). 3 options are available to adults at secondary education level:

  • classes of 5e  which give access to vocational training and general secondary education ;
  • vocational training programmes for adults in a combined work/training scheme ;
  • curricula leading to a diploma of classic or general secondary studies.

Classes of 5e

The 5e classes give access to further education and vocational training. Unfortunately, many adults have not reached the required level of 5e to be able to pursue their professional and personal projects. This also applies to people with an immigration background, lacking a recognised education level or the required language skills to enrol in the Luxembourg training system. The adult education options included in the back-to-education programmes, provide various possibilities to obtain the level of a 5e of the general secondary education system. 

Available courses - the catalog (FR)

Vocational training programmes

Adult vocational programmes are designed for people who are of full legal age and would like to learn a trade or make a career change in their professional life. It is available to adults under an employment contract as well as to job seekers registered with the National Employment Agency (ADEM).

Training programmes may lead to a certificate of professional capacity (CCP - Certificat de capacité professionnelle), a degree of professional ability (DAP - Diplôme d’aptitude professionnelle) or to a technician’s diploma (DT - diplôme de technicien).

Adult apprentices are paid the social minimum wage by the employer during training.

Adult vocational training

Vocational combined work/training courses (formations professionnelles en alternance) allow employees to attend vocational training programmes in the evening or in the form of “blended-learning”.

Available courses - the catalog (FR)

Curricula leading to a diploma of classic or general secondary studies

For the classes of 4e to 1re (4 last years of secondary education) of classic and general secondary education, training options are organised in form of “e-campus”,blended-learning” and evening courses.

Available courses - the catalog (FR)

École nationale pour adultes (ENAD)

The École nationale pour adultes (formerly École de la 2e chance) offers qualification curricula to young adults and adults who have dropped out of their initial training or education without obtaining a degree. It helps them obtain a recognised diploma or qualification. These are day classes organised from Monday to Friday as well as combined work/training courses.

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