Linguistic integration of newly arrived adults

Linguistic integration 1&2 (IL)

The linguistic integration programmes are provided by the Department of Adult Education and are available to newly arrived people who have no knowledge in the languages of the country as well as to people requesting or who were granted international protection taking part in the Parcours d’intégration accompagné (PIA)

Linguistic integration 1 (IL1)

The IL1 programme provides short time education focussing on the language situation in Luxembourg and the national education and training system together with an introduction to Luxembourgish.

In a collective or individual guidance session, a portfolio with a language skills report as well as the educational and professional background is prepared.

Registration modalities for Linguistic Integration 1 & 2 (IL)

Those interested are requested to present themselves for registration at the SFA Enrolment Service (see below: Enrolment Services hours for linguistic integration courses)

Linguistic integration 2 (IL2)

After this guidance session and based on the requirements, 120 hours of introduction to the Latin alphabet or French as a foreign language are available in Luxembourg, Esch-Alzette, Ettelbrück / Warken, Soleuvre, Belvaux and Diekirch. These are daily lessons of 2 hours. The length of these courses will be adjusted individually depending on the learners' progress in their learning.

Email: ou / Phone: 247-75216

Enrolment Services hours for linguistic integration courses

Luxembourg (Kirchberg): Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM and 14 :00 PM – 16 : 00 PM (year-round)

Department of Adult Education
15, rue Léon Hengen
L-1745 Luxembourg

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