Basic education

Improving writing, reading or numeracy skills

Basic education is available for adults who wish to improve their writing and reading skills in at least one of the official languages of the country - French or German - and to those who want to improve their numeracy skills. These basic skills will provide the foundations for further autonomous and advanced studies.

The Department of Adult Education provides basic education courses and workshop in various regions of the country:

  • basic education courses (cours de formation de base) are available for adult student groups following the same programme. They are provided on a quarterly basis.
  • In the basic education workshops (ateliers de formation de base) teaching is done in small groups and admission is possible throughout the year with a personalised programme.

Associations and municipalities also organise courses

Available courses - the catalog (FR)

Courses for adults with specific needs

Courses provided by the Centre pour le développement des compétences relatives à la vue (CDV) (formerly IDV) are available to visually impaired or blind persons, to parents or teachers of visually impaired or blind pupils and students or to the staff of structures offering extra-curriculum activities for visually impaired or blind persons.

Available courses - the catalog (FR)

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