L4S Learn for Success - Personalised workshops

L4S workshops allow to rapidly tackle professional and personal challenges thanks to:

  • a tailor-made and flexible training offer for adults ;
  • a first meeting to identify your needs ;
  • language workshops (French, German, English) and maths/sciences workshops;
  • the possibility to start at any time in the year;
  • the possibility to adapt schedules and the frequency of lessons during the training.

Enrolment is possible throughout the year by appointment: L4S@men.lu/ (+352) 621267554

Workshops are organised from Monday to Thursday by the Department of Adult Education :

  • Location MENEJ - Aldringen
    Entrance 38, rue Philippe II - L-2340 Luxembourg
    Room 128
  • Location Université Populaire - Belval
    14, Porte de France  - L-4360 Esch / Belval

Books, exercise sheets as well as online training programmes are available while experts provide support and advice to students.

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