Trainer for adults (m/f)

The Ministry is also recruiting trainers for adults within the framework of classical secondary education and general secondary education for adults (career A1, A2 and B1). Your role would be to teach adults.

Places of work

  • Centre national de formation professionnelle continue in Esch-sur-Alzette and Ettelbruck ;
  • Institut national des langues Luxembourg (INLL) ;
  • National School for Adults (ENAD).

Work in schools

  • Teaching adults.

Qualities required

  • The ability to impart knowledge, develop skills and contribute to the education of adult learners by helping them to organise their personal work and assess what they have learnt.


A1 career - theoretical teaching

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree related to the subject taught;
  • Master in Secondary Education.

Career A2 - technical teaching

  • Bachelor's degree

Career B1 - practical teaching

  • Master's degree


#SiefEducatioun! Däin Job fir d'Zukunft – Samira, trainer for adults in Luxembourgish
#SiefEducatioun! Däin Job fir d'Zukunft – Nicolas, trainer for adults in English
#SiefEducatioun! Däin Job fir d'Zukunft – Sven, trainer for adults in Luxembourgish

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Contact - Trainer for adults (MENJE)

Phone: (+352) 247-65278

Phone: (+352) 247-75128

Phone: (+352) 247-75974


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