Diplom+ Ukraina

Have you recently arrived from Ukraine and are between 17 and 30 years old?

Have you just finished high school or are about to finish it?

And now  ...

  • ... you are looking for a job?
  • ... you would like to start higher studies or obtain a secondary education diploma in Luxembourg, but the courses have not yet started?
  • ... you don't have any plans over the summer yet?

So, make the most of your summer by enjoying some additional training!

Benefit from this transition period to participate in a group training program that will allow you to:

  • discover life in Luxembourg ;
  • develop useful skills for your higher studies and your professional life in the future (communication techniques, time management, initiative, DIY - Do It Yourself, first aid, etc.) ;
  • invest in your personal development with the help of a course on empowerment and individual support.

A varied programme

The Diplom+ Ukraina is a training cycle that extends over 7 weeks and offers complementary and varied modules.

Features of the Diplom+ Ukraina  training:

  • six modules
  • a certificate for each successfully passed module
  • high quality training
  • individual support if necessary
  • open and user-friendly setting, making learning easier

The training is usually provided in English but will adapt to the needs of learners. Language mediators ensure mutual understanding.

You can pick one or more modules, according to your preferences and time.

Practical information

Training dates: mid-July to mid-September.

Training locations: Luxembourg City and Esch-sur-Alzette. Easily accessible by public transport.


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