Services related to the Ministry

Agence nationale pour les programmes européens d’éducation, de formation et de jeunesse (Anefore)

Anefore is the national agency in charge of implementing the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes in Luxembourg. Anefore is also the national Europass and Euroguidance centre, the national eTwinning support organisation, the national unit of the Eurydice network and the national correspondent of the Youth Wiki network.

Centre de gestion informatique de l’Éducation (CGIE)

The Centre de gestion informatique de l’Éducation (CGIE) ensures the development of IT applications and maintains the IT infrastructure and equipment. In particular, it is in charge of the one2one programme, which aims to equip all secondary school students with IT tools.

Centre psychosocial et d’accompagnement scolaires (CePAS)

The Centre psychosocial et d’accompagnement scolaires (CePAS) offers young people between the ages of 12 and 30 psychological, psychotherapeutic and educational support, psychomotor rehabilitation and guidance for school and studies orientation. CePAS also manages the subsidies for low-income households and the school attendance allowance (subvention de maintien scolaire).

Commissioner for the Luxembourgish language

The Commissioner for the Luxembourgish language (Commissaire à la langue luxembourgeoise) is responsible for a 20-year action plan on the Luxembourgish language. He is supported by an inter-ministerial committee.

Institut de formation de l’Éducation nationale (IFEN)

The Institut de formation de l’Éducation nationale (IFEN) is in charge of the professional integration and continuous training of the teaching, educational and psychosocial staff.

Maison de l’orientation

A true one-stop shop, the Maison de l’orientation is open to all citizens, regardless of age, seeking advice on their educational and professional orientation. The website provides detailed information as well as contacts for those involved in orientation.

Maison de l’orientation
29, rue Aldringen
L-1118 Luxembourg
Tel: 8002 8181

National Office for Children (ONE)

The National Office for Children (Office national de l'enfance, ONE) is open to all children and young adults up to the age of 27 who encounter psychosocial distress in their daily lives. Following an evaluation of the resources and difficulties of the children and their families, ONE can set up individual assistance measures, either ambulatory, institutional or in foster care.

Observatoire national de l'enfance, de la jeunesse et de la qualité scolaire

The mission of the Observatoire national de l'enfance, de la jeunesse et de la qualité scolaire (OEJQS) is to evaluate and supervise the quality of education provided in the educational system. It is an independent structure that has an expert role, providing an objective view on the state of the school system.


The Restopolis school and university catering service manages the majority of the restaurants and cafeterias of the classical and general secondary education establishments, the restaurants of the University of Luxembourg, the school of the Luxembourgish police and the state primary school Eis Schoul. It also provides the catering for several education and care facilities and boarding schools.

Service de coordination de la recherche et de l'innovation pédagogiques et technologiques (SCRIPT)

The Service de coordination de la recherche et de l'innovation pédagogiques et technologiques (SCRIPT) is responsible for implementing educational policy priorities and thus contributing to the development of school quality. It participates in the development of school and extracurricular projects, the spread of examples of good practice in education, the networking of schools, curriculum development and the design, editing and distribution of teaching materials. In addition, it ensures the production and interpretation of data and statistics as well as the development and implementation of the Plan de développement de l’établissement scolaire (PDS) (School Development Plan). SCRIPT is also specialised in the production and audiovisual documentation of projects or activities related to education and pedagogical innovation.

Service de médiation scolaire

The School Mediator deals with complaints related to students at risk of dropping out of school, the inclusion of students with special needs in school and the integration of students with a migrant background.

Service national de la jeunesse (SNJ)

The SNJ’s mission is:

  • to contribute to the implementation of youth policy;
  • to design and organise a wide range of educational programmes and activities in the field of non-formal education;
  • to support the transition of young people to working life;
  • to be a contact and advisory body for those involved in non-formal education;
  • to ensure pedagogical quality in the work with children and young people.

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Zenter fir d’Lëtzebuerger Sprooch (ZLS)

The spheres of competence of the Centre for the Luxembourgish language (Zenter fir d’Lëtzebuerger Sprooch, ZLS) are the Luxembourgish language and the linguistic situation in the Grand Duchy, as well as the promotion of Luxembourgish on a national and international level. It documents the Luxembourgish language, its history and its dialects, as well as the multilingual context.

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